About Us

Tom and Mcsam Interior Designs is a full service interior design company located in Lagos with offices in Palmgrove and Ikorodu, Lagos.

We specialise in both residential and commercial designs.

“We Design and Execute”.



Being a design firm, we are extremely flexible and nimble, working completely on your brief and interpreting same towards achieving the goal. We have on our team qualified craftsmen who have the required skill and knowledge, also get trained on a regular basis so you can be assured that your project is completed with the highest standard.

Tom and Mcsam Interior Designs is committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client’s expectation through collaboration and exceptional service. Our designs are timeless with careful consideration to aesthetics as well as function.

We believe that is why our clients keep coming back project after project and year after year.



  1. Get it right the first time instead of spending good money for the wrong piece, colour, effect and size.
  2. Significant discount on all designs and execution compared to competitors.
  3. Timely delivery
  4. We understand the material market well.