Design Process & Design Fee


  1. Free initial design consultation which takes place at your location (Residence or Place of Business) in order to observe the space first – hand.
  2. A short letter of agreement is generated indicating what we agreed to do for your approval.
  3. Once the letter is signed, an agreed design format is presented with a retainer fee which covers our costs during the initial design phase.
  4. We present to you a comprehensive work plan for your approval. This includes the project quotation, activity log, duration and payment plan.
  5. A contact person for the project is presented by you.
  6. Execution of design after which we have been commissioned financially as approved in the payment plan.
  7. All purchases and work done per phase requires your approval so there are absolutely no surprises.


Basically, it’s a collaborative experience to avoid worries. You can choose to be involved as you’d like.



Since every project is different, our goal is to structure fees based on specific work required, the customer’s budget and how the customer would like to be billed.

Our fee structure is flexible and incorporates a flat design fee or structured design fee or a combination of both.

“Our Designs Include – Plan Sketch – Full 3D Design – Verbal Brief”.